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The Background and Story of Subway's Submarine Sandwiches


Around five decades ago, Fred DeLuca established a little submarine sandwich shop in Bridgeport in the state of Connecticut, US with the financial aid of his friend, Dr. Peter Buck. The fresh, nutritious and delicious submarine sandwiches that were sold in the shop soon became a hit. So, both Dr.Buck and DeLuca decided to expand their business, opening more Subway stores in Connecticut. To fulfill their ambition of opening a specific number of stores within a decade, they began franchising the Subway brand to others. Today, there are over 43,000 outlets in more than 107 nations. In Pakistan alone, there is an estimate of 54 outlets. Currently owned by Doctor Associates Inc., Subway has its base in Connecticut's Milford in the United States.

Nutritious Sandwiches on the Menu at Subway

Subway continues to thrive producing tasty one-foot long and six-inch submarine sandwiches or subs for short. Customers are given the opportunity to select from a variety of freshly cut vegetables like olives and tomatoes and meats like turkey to fill their favourite choice of six-inch or one-foot long breads. A major difference between 1965 (when the first outlet was opened in the US) and today is that current Pakistani residents can enjoy their choices of subs at their abode or office without a time consuming or tiresome trip to any of the outlets, thanks to foodpanda.

Selecting What You Want from Subway Pakistan Easily

For a chance to view the Subway menu easily and select the sub you want, simply visit Pakistan's leading virtual centre for ordering all kinds of sandwiches and other food items, foodpanda. Now and then, foodpanda offers a great discount for those who utilise it for ordering their subs via their smartphone or laptop. If you are hoping for a light and fulfilling lunch or dinner, go for one of the Subway deals. A typical deal usually comprises of a six-inch sub and a regular size carbonated drink of your liking. Choose Chicken Fajita, Turkey Thigh, Roasted Chicken Breast or any other sub together with a drink like Sprite or Fanta. Are you thinking of having a nice picnic with your family or friends? Instead of spending time to make your own sandwiches, make use of Subway delivery and order subs of various fillings for the picnic- your family or friends are sure to adore them! Subway's sandwiches would be great as snacks during a camping or hiking trip too.

Enjoy Your Favourite Sub with Subway Home Delivery

Some of Subway's top seller items are "Oven Roasted Chicken" and "Italian B.M.T." Here is a brief list of must-sample subs:

  • Spicy Italian - this freshly baked sub has ingredients like cheese, salami and pepperoni. Add hot peppers for a spicier taste
  • Turkey Breast - this favourite American classic sub has ingredients like lettuce, banana peppers, tender turkey breast and tomatoes. Add jalapenos for a spicier taste
  • Italian B.M.T. - this favourite Italian classic sub has ingredients like pepperoni, Black Forest ham and Genoa salami. Add your favourite choice of freshly cut vegetables